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Jorge E. Matta

Jorge E. Matta heads the firm’s immigration practice. His commitment to the clients he serves is girded by a deep and compassionate appreciation for the struggles immigrants face.

Jorge has personally been through many of the same experiences, as an immigrant himself. Born in Medellin, Colombia, Jorge and his family immigrated to the United States when he was a child. Mr. Matta has committed his professional life to helping families stay together. He strives to ensure that every case is handled accurately and with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that each person affected will have the best possible chance of success and be able to see their dreams, goals, and aspirations come true.

Mr. Matta initially focused his practice on immigration law, but in order to provide his clients and the Hispanic community with better service, he hired two attorneys and expanded his practice to Immigration and Family law, as those areas of law often overlap with immigration law. The firm now services clients in all aspects of Immigration, Family, and Criminal Law.

His impressive record of successful immigration law cases includes victories in each of the following categories:

  • Cancellation of Removal
  • Asylum
  • Withholding or Removal
  • Motions to Terminate and Administratively Close Removal Proceedings
  • Inadmissibility Waivers
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Consular Processing
  • U-Visas
  • VAWAs
  • T-Visas for Victims of Human Trafficking.

Jorge E. Matta successfully managed the immigration department at the Farrell Law Group for several years before opening his own firm. Prior to joining Farrell Law Group, Mr. Matta lived in Southern California where he owned and managed his own firm.

Attorney Matta has been admitted to both the North Carolina and California bar.

Mr. Matta is a member of the American Bar Association, North Carolina Bar Association, and 10th Judicial District Bar Association, and he is also fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Attorney Matta is well known in the legal and immigrant communities. He is greatly respected by immigration judges in the Charlotte Immigration Court and USCIS officers in the Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham field Offices.

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