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Jorge E. Matta & H. Esteban Diaz

Lawyers you can count on when you need them

Attorneys Matta, Diaz and Blalock and our dedicated team are uniquely qualified to help you with all your immigration challenges. As immigrants themselves, our attorneys are supported by a group of strong employees, all of whom are also either immigrants or first-generation Americans. We understand how hard you have worked to get here, and believe you have earned the right to stay and deserve to do so.

As passionate advocates for keeping families together, The Matta Law Firm also provides criminal and family law services as they overlap with immigration law. When you need an attorney on your side who is honest and hardworking, who understands your situation, your language and culture, you can count on our attorneys to deliver the best possible outcome for your situation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The best decision we ever made was to choose him as our attorney.”

Maricela Santiago

“They are great!!!! They have helped several family members with great success!!! So happy I found them!!”

“The best Lawyer ever Best results and very patient to explain the situation !!!! And works so Good Very well recommended by my Family and I.”

Johana Trujillo

Practice Areas

Immigration Law

Each year millions of people immigrate to the United States, and they all come hoping to start new lives and have a bright future for their families. Immigration law is currently rife with contradictory information, which can be challenging if you hope to realize your dream of living and working in America. Our qualified immigration attorneys help people like you navigate the law and obtain legal status.

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Criminal Law

With around half a million court cases to handle each year, North Carolina takes criminal charges extremely seriously. Being accused of a crime is a frightening experience, and an alleged criminal finds him- or herself in an untenable situation. When you’re facing a criminal charge, it’s a relief to have the experienced lawyers at Matta Law Firm on your side.

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Family Law

The practice of family law is a vital part of our society, and the legal implications of this area of law can have significant, long-term effects on your mental and physical health, your wellbeing, financial stability and the safety and happiness of your children. Whether you’re joining in marriage, separating ahead of divorce or sharing custody of a loved one, Matta Law Firm can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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